måndag 2 januari 2012

Garlic's Fat Burning Effect

Back to the Basics: The Power of Garlic by Tom Rayhawk | Mind and Muscle Articles:

Garlic, while not nearly as potent as these sympathomimetic agents, provides a modest fat burning effect mainly through enhancing uncoupling protein activity, while actually lowering systolic blood pressure (19). Uncoupling Protein-1(UCP-1) is expressed in mitochondria of brown adipose tissue (BAT). It functions to uncouple the process of oxidative phosphorylation away from useful energy production in favor of the dissipation of heat. The mitochondria, in turn, speeds up the degradation of foodstuffs in an attempt to match the need for ATP synthesis for said energy production. In essence, the catabolism of foods – and thus calories – is accelerated when UCP-1 is activated. Garlic consumption can lead to an elevated expression of UCP-1 in mitochondria of BAT and potentiate thermogenic processes