måndag 15 september 2008

Acetic Acid Feeding Enhances Glycogen Repletion in Liver and Skeletal Muscle

Acetic Acid Feeding Enhances Glycogen Repletion in Liver and Skeletal Muscle of Rats -- Fushimi et al. 131 (7): 1973 -- Journal of Nutrition:

"Our results show that dietary acetic acid can enhance glycogen repletion in both liver and skeletal muscle. The mechanism of this effect is different in liver and skeletal muscle. In liver, acetic acid feeding enhances glycogen repletion by activation of gluconeogenesis and the preferential utilization of G-6-P for glycogenesis. In skeletal muscle, the enhancement of glycogen repletion by acetic acid feeding results from the accumulation of G-6-P due to suppression of glycolysis. We used acetic acid at concentrations comparable to those found in a normal diet. Therefore, we conclude that supplementing meals with vinegar may be beneficial in the recovery of liver and skeletal muscle glycogen, for example, upon fatigue, after skipping meals, postexercise or as part of an athlete’s breakfast on the day of competition."

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar: Just Another Vinegar Or Medical Marvel? | Modern Forager:

"...vinegar can improve insulin sensitivity in non-insulin resistant, insulin resistant, and Type II diabetic individuals when consumed before a meal. The Type II patients saw a 19% increase in post-meal insulin sensitivity and a 17% decrease in post-meal glycemia. The insulin resistant folks saw an even more marked improvement: post-meal glycemia reduction of 64% and a 35% increase in post-meal insulin sensitivity."

onsdag 10 september 2008

Turmeric: The Super Spice

T-Nation.com | A Question of Nutrition:

Q: You wrote in your 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth book that turmeric, the spice, deserved to have a whole book written on it. What's so great about this stuff, besides the fact that it makes Indian food taste good?"

tisdag 2 september 2008

How to Get Rid of Stubborn Fat

The Final Frontier of Diet: How to Get Rid of Stubborn Fat: A Nutrition, Supplements, and Fat Loss article from Dragon Door Publications:

"Experiments conducted in Italy have shown that combining citrus bioflavonoids with soy flavones was a most powerful, natural way to block the estrogenic effect on the body."

"Citrus bioflavonoids contain some natural properties that may block estrogen. Citrus flavonoids are abundant in the white, spongy layer of citrus peels.
Soy flavones contain mild estrogenic properties. Most people are not affected by this mild estrogenic stimulation. Soy flavones bind to the estrogen receptors in the tissues, and thus block these receptors from estrodiol, the most potent estrogen hormone. Estrodiol is called the "bad estrogen" because of its occasionally powerful effects on the body, such as bloating, water retention, fat gain, feminization of men (such as "bitch tits"), fat under the skin, and stubborn fat gain around the chest and the belly."

"Stinging nettle is an herb with promising potential as a natural aid against aromataze. Historically, people used nettle seeds and roots as a potency herb. Nettle may have an aphrodisiac effect on men by increasing the level of free testosterone in the blood.
The anti-aromatazing properties of this herb are probably due to its ability to bind to the aromataze enzyme, and thus neutralize it."