tisdag 24 juni 2008

Even More On Turmeric

Turmeric knocks out pain:

"You have the choice of taking Motrin with it's known side effects, and so-so pain relief or taking Turmeric, which has no toxicity, several other hidden benefits, and knocks out pain. Which will it be?

When my arthritis flares up my shoulders, back, hips and knees ache. But for the most part, since I have discovered turmeric, I am pain free."

More On Turmeric

Curcumin might help prevent and treat Alzheimer's disease and cancer:

"Today, scientists are finding tantalizing clues that suggest curcumin might help prevent and treat Alzheimer's disease and cancer. Investigators at the University of California at Los Angeles, studying a mouse model of Alzheimer's, reported that the brains of animals fed curcumin had up to 80 percent fewer of the protein plaques associated with the disease than those of mice given a normal diet."


"The popular Asian cooking spice, turmeric, may help prevent diabetes and help beneficially influence body composition"

Previous research has suggested that turmeric and its anti-oxidative ingredient, curcumin, can help reduce inflammation, help heal wounds and relieve pain.

For the most recent study, researchers from the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center at Columbia University Medical Center evaluated the use of turmeric on rodent models and found that those treated with the popular curry spice were “less susceptible to developing type 2 diabetes” based on the findings of a blood glucose level test and an assessment of glucose and insulin tolerance."

In addition, the researchers report that obese mice given turmeric exhibited “a small but significant decline in body weight and fat content” and showed “significantly reduced inflammation in fat tissue and liver” when compared to obese mice not given the spice.